Praxonomy is identified as a Hot Vendor in Board Meeting Platforms 2019 by Aragon Research


The need for technology to be centered around workgroups and their projects is not new. Board meeting solutions have been around for over 15 years, but with the advent of cloud, new solutions are coming online.

Board meeting solutions started as custom portals, but today, they have more capabilities that enable them to fit into Aragon’s definition of a Digital Work Hub.

The Digital Work Hub is an emerging category of enterprise- grade software that facilitates and manages the creation, curation, and communication of business content from the individual to ecosystem level. It provides functionality normally associated with multiple applications — from messaging to content management — with a single interface designed to simplify work.

Today, board meeting platforms are in a similar transition from a place to view agendas and files, to ones that truly enable board work to get done in a secure fashion.

Discover how board meeting platforms are changing the way board of directors work, and why Praxonomy is named a "Hot Vendor".

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